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About Us

Private Tutor Foundation, Inc. is an IRS Registered 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Public Charity committed to Funding Lifelong Learners & Teachers™ and assisting Pre-K through twelfth grade children with realizing their full potential in academics, the arts and health & fitness by funding innovative programs throughout the United States.

Private Tutor Foundation’s mission is to help fund, through grants, the efforts of qualified organizations implementing programs with differentiated curricula designed to address the diverse needs of Pre-K through twelfth grade children and their efforts to meet or exceed established learning standards in academics, the arts and health & fitness through remediation, support or enrichment programs.

Private Tutor Foundation is also committed to supporting Pre-K through twelfth grade community based Bullying Prevention & Intervention and Asperger Programs as its own Featured Causes.

Qualifying organizations are those: 
1. Holding IRS 501(c)(3) not-for-profit status
2. Serving Pre-K through twelfth grade children in academics, the arts or health & fitness
3. Currently implementing a pre-existing program in need of funding
4. Seeking to implement a new program in need of funding
5. Operating in the United States

Please contact PTFINC™ for more information.

Dave and Amy Jones

Parents, Teachers & Founders of Private Tutor HQ™

Amy and I met in Westchester County, NY in 1992, and we were married seven years later in Sunset Beach, NC. We were blessed with our daughter in 2002 and our son in 2005.

Amy is originally from central Ohio, and I was raised in upstate New York. I came to Westchester to pursue a Master's Degree in Education and a Professional Diploma in School District Administration & Supervision at Fordham University. Amy and I met during my first year of teaching. At that time, Amy was working on her Master's Degree in Education at the College of New Rochelle. Currently, Amy and I have a combined thirty-four years of public teaching experience at the elementary and intermediate levels. We enjoy living, working and raising our children in Westchester County, NY.

We founded Private Tutor HQ™ as the Headquarters for Lifelong Learners & Teachers™ in stages with the single goal of Helping People Help People™ through Private Tutor Directory, Lab & Foundation. We incorporated Private Tutor Directory, LLC in 2004. PTDLLC™ is comprised of Private Tutor Directory … A Network for Lifelong Learners & Teachers™ and Private Tutor Lab … Connecting Lifelong Learners & Teachers™. We incorporated Private Tutor Foundation, Inc. in 2010. PTFINC™ is Funding Lifelong Learners & Teachers™ throughout the United States at  Private Tutor Foundation as an IRS Registered 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Public Charity.

Private Tutor HQ™ is family owned/operated and based in White Plains, NY.  We truly appreciate your support with our grassroots effort to establish Private Tutor HQ™ as a trusted resource in your community. Thank you!

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