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Get Involved

Funding Lifelong Learners & Teachers™ is a community endeavor.

Please contact Private Tutor Foundation, Inc. if you are connected to a qualified organization in your community seeking funds to help facilitate Pre-K through twelfth grade students’ efforts to meet or exceed established learning standards in academics, the arts and health & fitness through remediation, support or enrichment.

Qualifying organizations are those:
1. Holding IRS 501(c)(3) not-for-profit status
2. Serving Pre-K through twelfth grade children in academics, the arts or health & fitness
3. Currently implementing a pre-existing program in need of funding
4. Seeking to implement a new program in need of funding
5. Operating in the United States 

Contact PTFINC™ to get involved.


Become a Private Tutor Foundation Volunteer to help make a difference in your community and beyond!

Teachers, Tutors and Mentors who are interested in volunteering time to remediate, support or enrich local Pre-K through twelfth grade students are encouraged to Contact Us.

Community Activists who Oppose Bullying™, are interested in supporting children with Asperger Syndrome through Asperger Talks™ or have a suggestion for another local cause to support are encouraged to Contact Us.

Fundraisers who are interested in Funding Lifelong Learners & Teachers™ by organizing and running community based events to help raise awareness and funds for local 501(c)(3) Organizations are encouraged to Contact Us.


Corporate sponsors can participate and contribute on many levels, from funding programs, causes, tutoring and mentoring sessions for students ages Pre-K through twelfth grade, to sponsoring Private Tutor Foundation events and fundraisers.

Please Contact Us if you’re interested in having your company or organization directly involved in the Funding of Lifelong Learners & Teachers™ through Private Tutor Foundation as a Corporate Sponsor.

Become a Community Resource

We're Helping People Help People™ by sharing local 501 (c)(3) Community Resources dedicated to Supporting Lifelong Learners & Teachers™ in Academics, Athletics, the Arts, Health & Fitness, Bullying and Asperger Syndrome.

Complete the 501(c)(3) Registration for an opportunity to have your Not-for-Profit Organization listed as a PTFINC™ Community Resource.